Source: Warrant issued for Salvadoran immigrant in Chandra Levy killing Source: Warrant issued for Salvadoran immigrant in Chandra Levy killing... If government 永慶房屋 office can abuse public power to waste tax payers money to pursue any killer that did the same thin 節能燈具g that mother natural did, that your court abused public power and/or public authority and/or public force committed worse tha 591n any individual killer did, then, you must have no right to blame the people must have the right to form any gangsters grouped to kill any public of 酒店打工fice suckers. Therefore, we the people who knows how to have good will and good skill to kill must have the liability to form most able killer team to kill that and any sucking 個人信貸 public office dare lawless(we have right to own fire arms, we must have right to use it as per our own consciousness. Best minority always is INDIVIDUAL <That may explain how come the indiv 帛琉idual thief "Lyao.Ten.Dean" could known by most Taiwanese household as hero instead of criminal>, government must have no right to chase any individual <That how Chinese must be proud of their traditional "1.P 烤肉ond.Sun.Suck" free mind and brave guts not to join any sucking 所謂「中華民國」僑團跟「大陸」僑團 {}any stupid bad ugly evil underground chained slavery minded "Whore.動"> people no matter 酒店工作 what he or she may have done by him or her self individually<Marriage treason crime not done by anyone individually, therefore, lawful government must not be allowed to see marriage treason crime like nothing.>.) Godless(Without God agrees, none of u 西裝外套s can be killed. You want to criminalize Killing, you need to criminalize your God first.) shamelessly waste your tax payers money to pursue any killer inside USA. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 租辦公室  .


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