AT: 3:21/9:40 國民大會:美牛修法恐報復(1/5) 20100111 At: 3:21/9:40國民大會:美牛修法恐報復(1/5) 2010011 You need to do your duty to kill that shameless stupid bad ugly evil American werewolves's slave "Young.憲.Hon(da)" for the crime he committed the worse than Ame 日月潭民宿rican werewolves crime to get the path and stick to show up in front of your population TV screen to fool your stupid bad ugly evil Chinese and Taiwanese to fall into American werewolves hells with his shameless crime of plain lie caugh 麻辣鍋t on his own "-7.Food.Sun.Liang-" clause. Like Chinese said "5.Sun.Boot.Jane" (Honest business man must have no room to allow any liar to occupy their sucking White House or Congress to shame on USA around the world. That sucking shameless "Young.憲.Hon(da)" 麻辣火鍋 dare shameless use the Chinese phrase "Chen.10" to call those American werewolves, showed his crime of plain lie caught on your public eyes, plain liar does not know how to hide, dare shamelessly sold his voice out, must be killed to die for his talk. 火鍋吃到飽 Not mention, you are the customer, you have all your right to buy the part whatever you like or refuse to buy when the part you want only not available to you in any way. I curse that shameless "Young.憲.Hon(da)" to die on eating American werewolves's food.) , you sucking sh 盤纏銀兩ameless American werewolves want to sell anything to Taiwan, you cannot show your best will and best skill to speak the best Mandarin to service your Taiwanese and Chinese customers, you deserve to starve to die or be killed rather sooner than later. We the people who knows how to read and write the best Chin 金瓜石民宿ese traditonal words must be the best minority of thinking tank, therefore, Taiwan law makers must have to make law the highest standard instead of following low lower lowest American werewolves lies. "Yo.Jer.Young.The.法律.Mar"? You rather be the first to make that "Yo.Jer.Young.The.法律" then committing copycat crime to following sucking sh 九份民宿ameless American werewolves cold cold hard low lower lowest crimes. That sucking "Young.憲.Hon(da)" too stupid bad ugly evil to know that there's no way "Lead.Far.權.侵佔.Sin.政權" if you sucking "Sin.政.Boot.Man" do your best will and best skill to service your powerless poor individual civilians must needed decent free life. You sucking "Sin.政.Boot.Man" 清境failed to show your best will and best skill to service yourpowerless poor inidvidual civilians must needed decent free life, your law makers must not be allowed to commit the crime to see it like nothing. Go to commit suicide to kill yourself to die for your own sucking voice stupid bad ugly evil shameless cold cold hard "Young.憲.Hon(da)" . "Gwall.Wheel" is representing we the people, 汽車美容nothing to do with your sucking "10.10" or "Curse.學", you just need to question how US Congress clearly mention the word of "God", how come US Dollar bill clearly printed the word of "God". What a sucking shameless brainless evil doer that sucking "Young.憲.Hon(da)" showed.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 洗車  .
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